With over 15 years experience, J.D Evans has worked on almost every aspect of audio post production for film and TV: foley, ADR, dialogue, sound design, specialising as a sound editor and dubbing mixer.

His career started at the BBC and he spent 7 years as a dubbing mixer at ITV before going freelance in 2006. Since then he has worked for numerous broadcasters and film makers, priding himself on an eye for detail and getting projects turned round in the clients time frame.

As one of the first 3 students to graduate from Glasgow University’s BEng course in Electronics and Music, and despite having a musical background, he is unusual amongst sound engineers, having never aspired to be in a band. Initially falling into sound for picture, through an early chance encounter with foley, it quickly became apparent this would be his natural arena.

For some, it’s hard to muster enthusiasm for the 1000th footstep in a feature, or to fix an intake of breath when your promo is due in Transmission in 10min, but J.D takes great pride in such details.